Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to sooth a baby fast

If you haven't already invest in a baby swing, I have two daughter's one is a little over 2 and the other one is 5 months.

With my first daughter my husband and i didn't use the swing as much I was a new mom and i thought i didn't really need it, but for my second child it came in handy, if a baby is fussy while you are holding him or her and trying to sooth them just isn't working. I'd go with this method, sometimes babies want another type of distraction.

Try to buy a swing that comes with music, that moves, and has lights so the baby can be rocked to sleep or distracted while you do thing around the house or even to get a piece of mind.

I recommend you give it some time your baby might fuss for up to 30 minutes and then will realize it is soothing.

The picture below is the one that i have and it works great. I bought this one from but you can also find it a Burlington Coat Factory for $156.00

Also always sticking a ballon if front of the rocker with a weight always works for me as well.

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