Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to get your toddler to bed on a schedule

Most toddlers have ever lasting energy haha and if your a good parent there are chances your tot will never want to go to sleep because mommy and daddy are so much fun.

But find a away to burn that energy out here are some suggestion below that work for me every time:

  • Take them to the park: let them run around get air, chase other kids. 
  • Play with them at home same thing run around, dance, play make believe. 
  • Watch there favorite active TV show that involves a lot of jumping or moment

With my toddler i like to take her to the park, have her go nuts. Then i take her to get food or I cook, the point is to wear them out fill them up and start settling them down i normally give her a bath and we curl up in her bed turn off all the lights and watch her favorite princess movie Cinderella.

On days its to yuckie outside, we watch Yo Gabba which is like a mini gym class for tots, dont forget you have to do all the dances and songs as well.

I also always give her a half cup of milk before she goes to bed and that I feel this is the true remedy.

But mommies and daddies its all about a schedule and making it fun so that your little grown up understands what time it is, i really do recommend to start dimming down the lights in their room and the house hold so that they understand nighty night time.

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